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Impact Ministries of New Orleans envisions a community that is transformed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, and God’s love being shed abroad in the hearts and minds of people.


We envision a community that is healthy spiritually, mentally, economically, socially, and physically and thrives on a strong family structure.



Impact Ministries of New Orleans is committed to loving God and loving others.

This love will be expressed in practical ways such as described in the Scripture Matthew 25: 34 - 40 and in the spiritual way of ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


  • Worship of Jesus Christ

  • Evangelism of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  • Discipleship

  • Ministry

  • Generous Giving

  • Fellowship

  • Christian Love

  • Living According to Biblical Principles

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Meet Dr. Stacy Greene who we know and love as Pastor Stacy.

Dr. Stacy Greene has a passion for loving God and loving others. He practically lives out this passion by accepting the call to the ministry and the medical field. God has graciously allowed him to preach the Word of God and provide medical care throughout the United States and on the continent of Africa.

Dr. Greene graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Chemistry Pre-med. After graduating from Xavier, he earned his MD degree from the historic Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C. He then went on and performed his Internal Medicine Residency at Tulane University Health Sciences Center. Out of hundreds of various medical residents, Dr. Greene was honored with being given the prestigious award Intern of the Year at Charity Hospital of New Orleans. Dr. Greene specializes in Infectious Diseases and he received this specialized training at the LSU Health Sciences Center.  He has led statewide initiatives in Louisiana for prevention and treatment of HIV and has helped coordinate treatment programs for Hepatitis C throughout Louisiana. 

Dr. Greene has been recognized by New Orleans City Business Magazine in the year 2017 as a Healthcare Hero for these efforts.  He currently serves on the Mayor’s HIV Fast Track City Committee to help lower the rates of HIV in New Orleans. Dr. Greene is also the Infectious Disease Director for the Daughters of Charity Health Center.

Pertaining to spiritual development, Dr. Greene received salvation through Jesus Christ under the ministry of Bishop James E. Daniel and Lady Janette Daniel of the Philadelphia Ministries in New Orleans. They are instrumental in his growth as a minister and he views Bishop and Lady Daniel as his second set of parents.

Dr. Greene also receives mentorship and spiritual covering from Pastor Neil Bernard of the New Wine Christian Fellowship in Laplace, La.  While Dr. Greene was a member of New Wine Christian Fellowship, he was ordained an Elder, served as Assistant Pastor, and served on the Board of New Wine Christian Fellowship. Through this ministry, Dr. Greene was able to perform medical outreaches locally and in other countries.  On January 5, 2020, he launched the ministry God has given him called Impact Ministries of New Orleans. The foundation of this ministry is based on Matthew 25 which entails ministering to the practical needs of people (physical health, mental health, hunger, etc.) and culminating with taking care of the spiritual needs of others.

Dr. Greene believes that the greatest blessing God has given him, besides Jesus Christ, is his family. He is married to the most beautiful Molvie Greene and they have three daughters named Jordyn Chelsea, Jaelyn Chloe, and J’Kayla Courtney.

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